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In today’s digital age, it’s important for businesses to have a professional and consistent brand image. One way to achieve this is by using a letterhead template in Word 2013. A letterhead is a printed heading on a document that typically includes the company’s name, logo, and contact information. It adds a touch of professionalism to your correspondence and helps create a lasting impression on your recipients. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using letterhead templates in Word 2013, how to create them, design tips, customization options, printing, and provide some examples to inspire you.

Benefits of Using Letterhead Templates in Word 2013

Using letterhead templates in Word 2013 offers several advantages for businesses. Firstly, it helps establish brand consistency by incorporating your company’s logo, colors, and fonts. This consistency builds trust and recognition among your customers and partners. Secondly, letterhead templates save time and effort. Instead of creating a new letterhead design from scratch for every document, you can simply input your content into the template and have a professional-looking letterhead ready in minutes. Additionally, letterhead templates in Word 2013 are editable, allowing you to easily update your contact information or make other changes whenever necessary.

How to Create a Letterhead Template in Word 2013

Creating a letterhead template in Word 2013 is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started: 1. Open Microsoft Word 2013. 2. Click on the “File” tab and select “New” to create a new document. 3. Type “Letterhead” in the search bar and press Enter. 4. Browse through the available letterhead templates or use the search function to find a specific style. 5. Select a template that suits your business needs and click on it to open a new document based on that template. 6. Replace the default text and images with your company’s information, logo, and branding elements. 7. Customize the fonts, colors, and layout as desired. 8. Save the document as a template by clicking on the “File” tab, selecting “Save As,” and choosing the “Word Template” format. 9. Give your template a descriptive name and save it in a location where you can easily access it.

Design Tips for an Effective Letterhead Template

When designing your letterhead template in Word 2013, keep the following tips in mind: 1. Keep it simple and clean: Avoid cluttering your letterhead with excessive graphics or information. A clean and minimalist design is more professional and visually appealing. 2. Use high-resolution images: If including a logo or any other images, make sure they are high-quality and not pixelated when printed. 3. Choose readable fonts: Use legible fonts for your text to ensure that it is easily readable. Avoid overly decorative or complex fonts. 4. Incorporate your brand elements: Include your company’s logo, colors, and fonts to maintain brand consistency and reinforce brand identity. 5. Balance the layout: Arrange the elements on your letterhead template in a balanced and visually pleasing way. Consider using grids or guides to align the elements accurately. 6. Test the template: Print a sample of your letterhead template to ensure that all the elements appear as intended and that the colors and fonts are accurately represented.

Customizing Your Letterhead Template in Word 2013

One of the advantages of using letterhead templates in Word 2013 is the ability to customize them according to your preferences. You can easily update your contact information, change colors, fonts, or add additional branding elements. To customize your letterhead template: 1. Open the template in Word 2013. 2. Click on the text or image you want to modify. 3. Use the formatting options in the toolbar to make the desired changes, such as changing the font, size, color, or alignment. 4. To update your contact information, click on the existing text and type in the new information. 5. Save your changes by clicking on the “File” tab and selecting “Save.”

Printing Your Letterhead

Once you have customized your letterhead template and are satisfied with the design, it’s time to print your letterhead. Here are some considerations for printing: 1. Use high-quality paper: Choose a sturdy paper stock that reflects the professionalism of your business. 2. Print a test page: Before printing a large batch, print a test page to ensure that the layout, colors, and fonts appear as expected. 3. Check printer settings: Make sure your printer settings are appropriate for the paper size and type you are using. 4. Consider professional printing services: If you require a large quantity of letterheads or prefer a more polished finish, consider using a professional printing service.

Letterhead Template Examples

Here are some examples of letterhead templates in Word 2013 to inspire your own design: 1. Classic and Elegant: A simple letterhead with a clean layout, featuring the company name, logo, and contact information aligned to the right. 2. Modern and Bold: A letterhead template with a vibrant color scheme, geometric shapes, and a unique typography style. 3. Minimalist and Professional: A minimalist design with a focus on white space, using subtle branding elements and a professional font. 4. Creative and Artistic: A letterhead template with an artistic touch, incorporating hand-drawn illustrations or watercolor elements.


In conclusion, using a letterhead template in Word 2013 is a practical and efficient way to create professional-looking letterheads for your business. The benefits of using letterhead templates include brand consistency, time-saving, and easy customization. By following design tips and customizing the template to reflect your brand, you can create an effective letterhead that leaves a lasting impression. Remember to print your letterhead on high-quality paper and consider professional printing services for a polished finish. Explore different letterhead template examples to find inspiration and create a design that represents your business effectively.