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Sodachrome – initial ideas
The sodabudi ethos is the celebration of quirks and imperfections that are part of hand-crafted production. We wanted to develop a typeface that would benefit from these surprises, especially with the inprecise nature of screenprinting.
We liked the idea of creating a new chromatic typeface – consisting of two coloured shapes overprinting to create a complete character. This developed into overlaying two separate quirky shapes to create the illusion of a sans serif in the middle and a chunky serif on the outside.

Sally Clarke
Sodachrome – how it works
When (1) and (3) are overprinted with semi-opaque inks, (2) is the result. When printed with one solid colour, (4) is the result, and (6) shows the sans extracted from the overlap of the two shapes.

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Built for screenprinting
During screenprinting, the two screens don't always align precisely. We tested how the typeface would be affected under these conditions by deliberately shifting the layers to test how the characters would survive.

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Example characters
When designing each character, we explored interesting ways to combine the two overlapping shapes. The rules were frequently subverted, but we were careful to maintain a consistent feel to the typeface.

Sodabudi Calendar spread Sodabudi Calendar spread Sodabudi Calendar spread
Sodachrome in use
Sodabudi's custom typeface was intended for the website and business stationery, and also for various printed products that would be sold from the store.
Above is a promotional calendar designed by Rathna Ramanathan sent to generate interest in Sodabudi.
Sodachrome is available through House Industries Photo-lettering site in a dazzling variety of colour combinations.